Take My Breath Away…Not Literally…Just the Smelly One!

Nothing is more unpleasant than bad breath. It’s a conversation stopper, connection blocker, and honestly? It’s just plain embarrassing! Nobody wants to be the one who’s known as “the friend with the bad breath”. But oral hygiene, as important as it is, seems so tedious. It’s a long, and sometimes painful, process that falls on the less luxurious side of self-care. Unlike pampering your face with moisturizer and a facemask, cleaning your teeth takes so much more time and work. Some of us just want to clean our teeth just enough to get a good thumbs up from our dentist visit, right?

So why is taking the extra steps to make sure your teeth, gums and tongue are all clean and fresh so important? To put it simply, they all play a cognitive role to the overall health of your mouth. Brushing helps clean your teeth and prevent cavities, flossing helps the health of your gums and prevent gingivitis, and scraping helps clean your tongue and help the long term microbiome health of our body, but all three together keep your mouth healthy, clean, and smelling fresh, as well as help the health of your body! You see, the root of bad breath, also known as halitosis, stems from the bacteria that grows in our mouth. If you don’t floss, brush your teeth and scrape your tongue regularly and effectively, the food that you consume throughout the day can accumulate between your teeth and the back of your tongue, creating bacteria that ends up making your mouth smell (and even taste) awful! This bacteria can also become consumed and absorbed back into your body and create other health problems outside of your mouth.

So how exactly do we keep a fresh and clean mouth? Firstly, you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once more at night. This is the first step in keeping good oral hygiene. It’s recommended by dentists and oral hygienists to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, doing so in little circular, up-and-down motions.

Secondly, make sure you floss! I know, I know, it makes your gums bleed and feels gross, and yes this adds an extra step that can be somewhat laborious, but the bristles of our toothbrushes just can’t reach into those tiny crevices between our teeth and remove debris like flossing can! Flossing the food and plaque from your teeth and gum line each night is a great contributor to a fresh and clean mouth. It also helps prevent gingivitis and potential cavities between your teeth.

Thirdly, and just as importantly, you should make sure you are scraping your tongue each time you brush and floss. This is a technique that many overlook and is a huge contributor to bad breath! So much of our day is stored on the back of our tongue. Our morning coffee, the bagel we ate on the way to work, the Pad Thai we ate for dinner, it all gets caught in our taste buds and on the back of our tongue, creating the perfect wet and dark environment for bacteria to grow. Scraping your tongue nightly can help remove this buildup as well as improve your sense of taste, improve the overall appearance of your tongue, improve the health of your mouth, as well as help remove toxins that that collect due to a weak metabolism or digestive system that can then be digested back into the system and body! Also, make sure to pay close attention to the color of your tongue. If it’s black and hairy, or white or yellow, that means there’s a hefty build up and you’ll need to be persistent and intentional with cleaning and scraping. While some would rather brush their tongue than scrape, it’s been proven that scraping the tongue removes a significantly more amount of bacteria than brushing! Tongue scraping can seem intimidating, and even be a little uncomfortable at first, but the good news is that every time you do it the results are right there!

For some it may seem annoying to add one more device to the oral care regime like a toothbrush, a floss, mouthwash & now we are saying a tongue scraper too!!! But what if there is an oral device that will combine the two? Check out TOKII on this website. It’s a unique toothbrush that combines a tongue scraper and a toothbrush with bristles infused with activated bamboo charcoal. Don’t just take my word for it! Use it and Lose it. Use the TOKII and lose the gross gory gunk resting on your tongue!