How TOKII Began…

An Aerospace Engineer feels weird on day two of his stay,at a hotel in New Jersey. While washing hands and rinsing his mouth after a meal it was… 


He forgot to pack his tongue scraper & just cleaning and brushing his tongue did not do it.The weirdness in his mouth now felt disgusting! After a few rounds in different stores, pharmacies & no luck, he was on his way home on a plane.

Photograph featuring the founders of Tokii

The Rhetoric

“How can there be no tongue scraper in such reputed stores”? 

“There has to be a way so I don’t forget my tongue scraper next time?” 

“Why isn’t tongue scraping part of oral care here in USA?”

The Idea!

How about a tongue scraper attached to a toothbrush?!!!!

The Journey:

It all started in 2013 in New Jersey. 

The Aerospace Engineer husband and his Marketer wife teamed up and with tremendous support and blessings from family & friends and a lot of design iterations came up with a patented product called TOKII. 

TOKII has Design & Utility Patents and Trademark on the name and logo.

The Vision:

To transform the standard of oral care via healthier and better practices in a convenient manner.

The Intent:

To bring the wisdom of the ancient science of Ayurveda by simple lifestyle changes in daily practices that facilitate & enhance healthy living.